Day 5 – #iGoodbye #iTecGDA

First I want to thanks Ken for this workshop, I learned a lot from all the topics of the week,  also to all the great people that joined us this week!
Thanks to Dave CormierLaura Gogia and Lee SkallerupAlan Levine and Amy BurvallAutumm Caines , Bonnie Stewart and Sundi RichardMaha Bali and finally Diego ZavalaRebecca Hogue and Helen DeWaard.
Thank you all guys for sharing all you could. It means a lot!

Today we had Diego Zavala in the Auditorio 1, right here at Tec. He share the importance about making videos of our own. So in order of his activity to be completed, my friend Ever and I want to share our video with all of you guys:

We hope you liked it.

Also we had with us via Google Hangouts  Rebecca Hogue and Helen DeWaard.
They discuss with us about our digital presence online, about what we should post if it is too personal or responsible, It was really helpful having you here guys! Thank you!
Check out the whole video on the link below.

That was it from today, I would probably continue with the blogging thing but on my other site 

Thank you all for sharing, and thank you again Ken, for this amazing workshop, see you around I hope.

Day 4 -International communication

Hi guys! So first of all, today I had an inconvenient between my bed and I. LOL
If you read my last post, then you already know that I fell asleep this morning. But moving forward, Ken said to us to comment on other people’s blogs, and read them.
This was kind of fun, because I realized that i’m not the only one putting their feelings on them.
Then Ken said that we were going to take videos or pictures of anything we want, we like and that kind of stuff, so I take some videos about the places at the Tec were I spend my time.

Take a look at them:

What I liked about me making this video, was that I listen to what Maha said to me today:

We should share what we care about, no what we think other people is gonna like! That’s one of the issues that the young community has. We live in a world of social media, where our image is everything, and not really who we are!

Also I have a great conversation with Maha, about what do we publish online. Allow me to finish my blog with a big thank you for her.

Day 3 – #iTecGDA #SomebodySaveMe #VandR

They  want us to talk in public! Say whaaaaaat.
LOL I was just kidding guys. OK
Today we have an amazing talk with Autumm Caines , Bonnie Stewart and Sundi Richard.
You can watch the whole video in the link below

I’m the good looking guy with a green t-shirt in the right LOL
So we discuss about our digital activity, about what is like to be a Visitor or a Resident.
visitor is someone who is just around on the web, searching for stuff, watching videos, reading, etc; but he is not being active by leaving his print on it. He’s just for a «visit»
resident is the person who is being active, he publish every time he can, comment on others people’s work, you can find whatever he’s doing on the web because he left a digital print online.
If you have more doubt or anything you can watch the following video too.

Also check on his web page his blogpost, his name is David White

Visitors & Residents

We also make and activity of our own with a chart of #VandR
This is mine:


So I believe that my mayor activity online is on Twitter, because I post almost every thought I have. Well you can search for me on twitter by @AntonioAngel_M or just follow me in here

That’s a video from the #iTecGDA group this morning.
And please before you go to another place watch this video about me interviewing my sister Edith asking her why does she know about digital identity and #VandR

See you on the next blog, or tomorrow in Auditorio 1 at Tec de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara.

Please leave a comment below.
Kind regards to all of you

Day 2 – #iTecGDA #iSafari


Hello again everyone. So, a few hours ago I realized that not only Ken read my blog from last night.

So, ok, day 2.. I arrived a little earlier today because I was so tired this morning, so I stopped by OXXO and get me a coffee.
Ken talk about the people that we were about to meet in the day.
But first, before any conference (or talk), we had this little exercise called photo safari. We were supposed to take pictures in any way we want, in a creative, crazy, unique way of our own.

Here I present to you my work:

Just as a reminder, I am not a pro photographer so I hope you like them.

Moving forward, we had our very first talk of the day with Laura Gogia and Lee Skallerup. They taught us how to blog things that we care, that are important for us, and of course, why not, blog about something that could benefit others.
Please feel free to watch the video of our little chat

Then we had a talk with Alan Levine and Amy Burvall. Both of them were amazing, and taught us so much about the freedom of the internet.

All the talks were great, and I promise to continue this blog post but it is 11:57 pm and I have to upload this before midnight so..

Thank you for everything guys, I hope that you could read this sometime and if you do, please leave a comment.
Thank you and keep doing what you do for people like us

Day 1 – #iTecGDA

Hi everyone, but i’m pretty sure the only one who’s gonna read this blog post is going to be Ken.
So, this is the iWeek, and I got in this workshop called iTec GDA.
The main purpose of this workshop is for us (the students) and all of you guys who can follow us the whole week by getting in touch with the hashtag #iTecGDA on Twitter or on Facebook. 14467056_10201991668669682_1116713564_o.jpg

Today was the first, and we have with us the professor and Ken’s friend Dave Cormier. He gave us a talk (kind of like TED TALKS), about the importance of the Digital identity, what are the pros and the cons. We discuss a lot about the safety of the information that we share and the certain precautions we should take. I’ll leave the video of the whole talk down, so if you want to discuss anything you should probably get in contact with with.

Also we make the exercise of 5-5-5
This works like this:
You must write down of a sheet of paper –>
– 5 things you like about yourself
– 5 things you think you must get better at
– 5 things that the people don’t know about you

And finally we got time to create our own blogs and «Webpages», beside watching some videos about a Ciberbullying TEDTALK.

I’m getting excited about the themes and topics, and I look forward to go tomorrow.