Day 5 – #iGoodbye #iTecGDA

First I want to thanks Ken for this workshop, I learned a lot from all the topics of the week,  also to all the great people that joined us this week!
Thanks to Dave CormierLaura Gogia and Lee SkallerupAlan Levine and Amy BurvallAutumm Caines , Bonnie Stewart and Sundi RichardMaha Bali and finally Diego ZavalaRebecca Hogue and Helen DeWaard.
Thank you all guys for sharing all you could. It means a lot!

Today we had Diego Zavala in the Auditorio 1, right here at Tec. He share the importance about making videos of our own. So in order of his activity to be completed, my friend Ever and I want to share our video with all of you guys:

We hope you liked it.

Also we had with us via Google Hangouts  Rebecca Hogue and Helen DeWaard.
They discuss with us about our digital presence online, about what we should post if it is too personal or responsible, It was really helpful having you here guys! Thank you!
Check out the whole video on the link below.

That was it from today, I would probably continue with the blogging thing but on my other site 

Thank you all for sharing, and thank you again Ken, for this amazing workshop, see you around I hope.

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