Day 2 – #iTecGDA #iSafari


Hello again everyone. So, a few hours ago I realized that not only Ken read my blog from last night.

So, ok, day 2.. I arrived a little earlier today because I was so tired this morning, so I stopped by OXXO and get me a coffee.
Ken talk about the people that we were about to meet in the day.
But first, before any conference (or talk), we had this little exercise called photo safari. We were supposed to take pictures in any way we want, in a creative, crazy, unique way of our own.

Here I present to you my work:

Just as a reminder, I am not a pro photographer so I hope you like them.

Moving forward, we had our very first talk of the day with Laura Gogia and Lee Skallerup. They taught us how to blog things that we care, that are important for us, and of course, why not, blog about something that could benefit others.
Please feel free to watch the video of our little chat

Then we had a talk with Alan Levine and Amy Burvall. Both of them were amazing, and taught us so much about the freedom of the internet.

All the talks were great, and I promise to continue this blog post but it is 11:57 pm and I have to upload this before midnight so..

Thank you for everything guys, I hope that you could read this sometime and if you do, please leave a comment.
Thank you and keep doing what you do for people like us

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