Day 1 – #iTecGDA

Hi everyone, but i’m pretty sure the only one who’s gonna read this blog post is going to be Ken.
So, this is the iWeek, and I got in this workshop called iTec GDA.
The main purpose of this workshop is for us (the students) and all of you guys who can follow us the whole week by getting in touch with the hashtag #iTecGDA on Twitter or on Facebook. 14467056_10201991668669682_1116713564_o.jpg

Today was the first, and we have with us the professor and Ken’s friend Dave Cormier. He gave us a talk (kind of like TED TALKS), about the importance of the Digital identity, what are the pros and the cons. We discuss a lot about the safety of the information that we share and the certain precautions we should take. I’ll leave the video of the whole talk down, so if you want to discuss anything you should probably get in contact with with.

Also we make the exercise of 5-5-5
This works like this:
You must write down of a sheet of paper –>
– 5 things you like about yourself
– 5 things you think you must get better at
– 5 things that the people don’t know about you

And finally we got time to create our own blogs and «Webpages», beside watching some videos about a Ciberbullying TEDTALK.

I’m getting excited about the themes and topics, and I look forward to go tomorrow.

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4 comentarios en “Day 1 – #iTecGDA

  1. Hi Antonio – Not just Ken…I read your blog post too! I particularly like the way you used the photographs – you did a great job providing a sense of presence (literally bringing the reader into the room with you). Also, seeing the picture of the hashtag was much more interesting than seeing it typed … I love it :). Have a good night and I’ll see you in class tomorrow (your challenge…try to find me ;)).

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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