Day 4 -International communication

Hi guys! So first of all, today I had an inconvenient between my bed and I. LOL
If you read my last post, then you already know that I fell asleep this morning. But moving forward, Ken said to us to comment on other people’s blogs, and read them.
This was kind of fun, because I realized that i’m not the only one putting their feelings on them.
Then Ken said that we were going to take videos or pictures of anything we want, we like and that kind of stuff, so I take some videos about the places at the Tec were I spend my time.

Take a look at them:

What I liked about me making this video, was that I listen to what Maha said to me today:

We should share what we care about, no what we think other people is gonna like! That’s one of the issues that the young community has. We live in a world of social media, where our image is everything, and not really who we are!

Also I have a great conversation with Maha, about what do we publish online. Allow me to finish my blog with a big thank you for her.

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